5-8 June,2021

11 June 2021

ERA-EDTA Annual Congress
Fully virtual

The dietary management of calcium and phosphate in children with CKD stages 2-5 and on dialysis

11 June 2021

12-15 September, 2021

5th Annual ‘Renal Conditions: Moving on Up Together’ study day

5th Joint Meeting of ESPU-SPU 
Lisbon, Portugal

16-19 September, 2021

53rd Annual Meeting of Esuropean Society for Paediatric Nephrology
Amsterdam, Netherlands

26-29 March, 2022

11th Congress of the International Paediatric Transplant Association (IPTA 2021)
Prague, Czech Republic

19-22 May, 2022

ERA-EDTA Annual Congress
Paris, France