The aim of the Society is to promote research knowledge of paediatric nephrology through teaching, scientific meetings and other methods, for the benefit of children with renal disease.

The European Society for Paediatric Nephrology (ESPN) was founded in 1967 with the goal of diffusing knowledge and improving the treatment of children with kidney diseases. ESPN brings together clinical professionals and researchers that operate in the field of Paediatric Nephrology throughout Europe. Up to 2022, ESPN comprises more than 700 active members.

Our Society has multiple activities including the annual congress, collaborative research projects, teaching courses, workshops, webinars, clinical practice guidelines, a three-year curriculum in Paediatric Nephrology, and a EU-certified board examination in Paediatric Nephrology among others. Within the ESPN, six working groups operate providing focused research and educational opportunities 

The ESPN council includes the President, the Assistant President, a Treasurer (executive councillors), seven other councilors, the chair of the ESPN/ERA registry, the President of the annual ESPN congress and the chair of the Young Nephrology Network.

ESPN is the official European partner of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) (, is closely associated by mutual agreement with the European Renal Association (ERA) ( and a member of the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA) (

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