Call for research grants 2022

Applications for ESPN research awards for 2022 are now open. 

The aim of the grants is to stimulate collaboration between paediatric nephrologists in Europe in the promotion of clinical or basic science research pertinent to children with kidney disease.  Research awards are open to all ESPN members working in hospitals or academic institutions within Europe.  Preference will be given to applications which are collaborative projects endorsed by ESPN Working Groups. Applicants submitting single-centre projects are unlikely to be successful. There are 3 categories of award.

  • General Awards.  These proposals must have documented support of a relevant ESPN Working Group but the Working Group Board does not have to be actively involved in the research project.
  • ESPN Working Group Awards. These are proposals where the relevant ESPN Working Group is actively involved in the project.  Evidence for this by way of accompanying documentation must be provided.
  • Young Investigator Award.  This new award from 2021 is intended to be start-up funding to support new researchers early in their careers. It is open to proposals where the principal applicant is under 35 years old.

The total value of the research grant budget this year is € 60 000. Individual grants are likely to be in the range of € 10 000 to € 20 000.

All applications will be evaluated by the ESPN council and external reviewers on the basis of scientific merit and relevance to the field. All categories of grant will be scored and ranked together but priority will be given to ensure that one Young Investigator grant and at least one ESPN Working Group grant are awarded each year.  

Unsuccessful candidates from previous years may re-apply.  There is a section on the application form to include details of revisions made since last submission.

Previously successful candidates may not re-apply until 3 years after their last successful award.

Current ESPN council members may not be the principal applicants of any application.

The application form should be completed and returned to with a 2-page curriculum vitae for the principal applicant and any supporting documentation from an ESPN Working Group. A receipt of application will be sent by email.

The closing date is 31 May 2022. Late applications will not be considered. The evaluation of ESPN council is final and there is no option for appeals.

Click here to download the application form.

Regulations for ESPN research grants, approved by ESPN Council (February 2021)

  1. A progress report is sent after 6 months to the Spring ESPN Council and thereafter every year to the Autumn ESPN Council (up to a maximum of 3 years).
  2. At the completion of the project (or after 3 years if the project is on-going, a final report should be sent that includes details of presentations/publications resulting from the project and a financial report of how the grant monies were spent. The final report will be published in the website.
  3. In all publications and presentations, it should be reported that the work was “supported by an unrestricted grant provided by European Society for Paediatric Nephrology”.

The full Standard Operating Procedure document for administration of the ESPN research grants was approved by ESPN Council in February 2021 and last amendment was made in October 2021 can be downloaded here.