The website and ebook Kidney Education provide comprehensive information on kidney disease and their prevention. For the benefit of patients and laypersons the information was translated by a team of dedicated nephrologists into many different languages. The Kidney Health Information is available in 40 different languages.


Brief Highlights of Kidney Education Website

  • is an ad-free and mobile-friendly website.
  • It provides free access to the 200-paged book, “Save Your Kidneys“, for patients and their families in 40 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and many more languages.
  • The website is globally endorsed and supported by ASNby publishing a story in “Kidney News” magazine, World Kidney Day by adding in the list of External Endorsing Organisations, and ERA-EDTA by adding it to their Strong Kidneys portal.
  • The website set a WorldRecord for “eBook in the most number of languages in a website,” and received over 100 Million Hits.
  • The foundation runs solely as a philanthropic mission and has remained unbiased and clear of any sponsorship, advertisement, and commercial or external financial support.
  • This book in simple language for patients is available in different formats (PDF, ePub) and WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Link provided to KidneyEducation website is by World Kidney Day organization, Renal Association UK, Spanish Society of Nephrology, Korean Society of Nephrology, Russian Dialysis Society, French Society of Nephrology, Hungarian Society of Nephrology, and Serbian Society of Nephrology.
  • Please visit the Wikipedia page ( and website ( for further information about the foundation, its work, and its mission.
  • Information on YouTube