Justine Bacchetta,

Board Members
Claus Peter Schmitt
Agnieska Prytula
Alex Lalayiannis
Zainab Arslan
Julie Bernardor (Young Fellow)

ESPN Transplant working group Liaison: Agnieszka Prytula
ESPN Registry Liaison: Marjolein Bonthuis
ESPN Council Liaison: Francesco Emma
ERA-EDTA Liaison: Justine Bacchetta
ESCAPE network/4C-Study Liaison: Franz Schaefer

Working group reports

Working Group Activities

9th June, 2023
CKD-MBD working group spring meeting

28 April, 2021
CKD-MBD Working Group Webinar
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Working Group publications

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Educational resources

Current working group studies and projects

Current projects :

  • Phosphate education programme (PEP). Co-ordinator: Sevkan Bakkaloglu. New strategies in hyperphosphatemia management (ESPN research grant 2014.01). Detailed educational material & cell phone application accomplished. Distributed to ESPN units by January 2020. Evaluation of pilot study in June 2020. Data base and Webpage for data entry created by August 2020.
  • Assessment of calcium balance in children with chronic kidney disease to optimise treatment strategies (Cal-Bal study), Co-ordinator: Rukshana Shroff. Joint venture: ESPN CKD-MBD & Dialysis WGs; 7 centres in 6 countries: London, Heidelberg, Hannover, Lyon, Athens, Adana and Vilnius.
  • Impact of active vitamin D on left ventricular hypertrophy and FGF23/klotho system in renal failure. Co-ordinator M. Leifheit-Nestler. Joint project: ESPN CKD-MBD WG and 4C Study consortium; ESPN grant 2018.01.
  • GH treatment and CV outcomes in CKD children. Co-ordinator: Stella Stabouli. GH and CV outcomes: a case-control study. Joint project: ESPN CKD-MBD WG and 4C Study.
  • Collaboration with CERTAIN registry-study on CKD-MBD after renal transplantation. Co-ordinator: P Agnieszka. To analyse the evolution of hyperparathyroidism following renal transplantation; to identify the clinical and biochemical correlates of hyperparathyroidism. Joint project: ESPN CKD-MBD and Transplantation WGs and CERTAIN registry.

Proposed projects/activities :

  1. Educational material for the ESPN website.
  2. To develop European guidelines for the Assessment and treatment of CKD-MBD in children. In collaboration with EPDWG, that wrote the first European guidelines for children on dialysis some years ago.
    • Guidelines for all CKD stages (before and after transplantation).
    • Guidelines on dietetic management in children with CKD

Planned observational studies :

  1. Impact of substitution of vitamin D in case of low vitamin D levels on markers of CKD-MBD, the immune system and iron homeostasis
  2. New non-invasive diagnostic tools in CKD-MBD (biomarkers and imaging)
  3. New strategies in hyperphosphatemia management (dietary and phosphate binder aspects)

Registry activities :

Paediatric European registry of CKD-MBD in pediatric CKD patients covering the full range of CKD (stage 2-5d). This will be done in close collaboration with pre-existing registries and observational studies, e.g. ESPN-ERA-EDTA-registry and the 4C-study.

Working group guidelines

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Other information

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Glasgow 2017 CKD-MBD WG minutes

Brussels 2015 CKD-MBD WG minutes

CKD-MBD literature update May 2015