The Paediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce comprises paediatric renal dietitians and paediatric nephrologists from 8 countries across Europe and North America who are dedicated to improving the nutritional care of children with kidney diseases.
The taskforce is endorsed by ESPN and IPNA.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The management of childhood kidney diseases – pre-conference meeting on 16 September at ESPN 2020 in Ljubljana. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, meeting has been cancelled along with the main ESPN conference.

Why was the Paediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce created?

The taskforce was set up in December 2017, prompted by the challenges and inconsistencies in the nutritional management of children with kidney diseases globally. Many renal centres do not have trained dietitians and the importance of nutrition in patient care is not always addressed in medical education.

Our vision:

To ensure best practice in the nutritional management of children with kidney diseases

Our mission:

  • To formulate clinical practice recommendations to enable best practice
  • To provide education and training resources for healthcare professionals caring for children with kidney diseases
  • To devise resources which offer practical support to children with kidney disease and their families
  • To promote research to expand the evidence base for nutritional intervention in paediatric kidney diseases

Our values:

Our work will be guided by our commitment to open and transparent discussion amongst our members who strive to produce quality recommendations, based on the evidence base where possible. We will work inclusively with external experts and stakeholders and respect their opinion in developing and disseminating best practice for the benefit of children with kidney diseases.

Meet the team

The following 15 clinicians are founder members of the Paediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce:

Taskforce coordinators:

Other taskforce members:

Lead for dissemination and education:
Caroline Anderson, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, UK,

Organisation of the Taskforce

As per ESPN guidelines, taskforce members rotate every 3 years and are allowed to apply for a maximum of 2 terms. The group meets twice per year in May and November and conducts business in between these meetings by email and conference calls.


The Paediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce has now published two guidelines in Pediatric Nephrology:

The dietary management of calcium and phosphate in children with CKD stages 2-5 and on dialysis—clinical practice recommendation from the Pediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce.

Energy and protein requirements for children with CKD stages 2-5 and on dialysis – Clinical Practice Recommendations from the Pediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce

Current work streams

Clinical practice recommendations :

  1. Assessment of nutritional status in children with kidney diseases
  2. The dietary management of potassium in children with Chronic Kidney Disease stages 2-5D
  3. Delivery of a nutritional prescription by enteral tube feeding in children with Chronic Kidney Disease stages 2-5D
  4. Obesity and metabolic syndrome in children with kidney problems

These will be submitted to Pediatric Nephrology and available as open access papers.

Dissemination of information

Meetings and webinars will be set up to enable the distribution and teaching of the key messages to dietitians and doctors. Resources (information leaflets, videos and apps) for children and their families will also be developed.

Vitaflo International Ltd ( is a nutrition company which produces specialised clinical nutrition products for metabolic disorders, nutrition support and specific conditions such as kidney disease. Vitaflo International Ltd has funded the meetings held by the Paediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce. The Paediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce wishes to confirm that Vitaflo has not influenced the development or content of these Clinical Practice Recommendations.