Lars Pape,
Conflict of interest

Past Chair
Burkhard Tonshoff

Board Members
Agnieszka Prytula
Nele Kanzelmeyer
Stephen Marks
Britta Hocker
Evgenia Preka (Young Fellow)

Liaison ESPN Registry: Marjolein Bonthuis
Liaison Council: Jerome Harambat
Liaison ERA-EDTA: Licia Peruzzi

The ESPN Transplantation Working Group welcomes ESPN members with an interest in Transplantation. It links to the CERTAIN registry and all ESPN members are encouraged to join the registry to upload transplant outcome data and join frequent follow-up studies of paediatric renal transplantation.

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There is an annual meeting for the CERTAIN registry/ESPN transplantation working group held each December. Details about that and other educational resources can be found in the CERTAIN newsletters.


7 May, 2022
47th Virtual CERTAIN workshop

Registration / Program

8 May, 2021
virtual CERTAIN workshop

Registration / Agenda

4-5 December, 2021
46th CERTAIN Workshop

4-5 December, 2020                 
the 44th CERTAIN Workshop of the interdisciplinary study group on Renal Transplantation in Paediatrics

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2024 January WG report

2023 September WG report

2022 February WG Report

2021 WG Report

2021 WG Agenda in September in Amsterdam

2019 WG meeting agenda



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