ESPN Working Group Regulations 

  1. WG chair will rotate every 3 years. The chair person can apply for a second (and final) term.
  2. Board consists of four members and one chair. During three years all board members will be replaced one by one, on annual basis, (electronically) voted by all members, starting after the 3rd year of WG foundation.
  3. The start and the end of the mandate of each board member will be put on the website.
  4. The liaison person will be decided during the Council meeting at the end of the annual congress in order to include new council members.
  5. A grant of financial support for each WG (EUR 2.000 per year) is available from the ESPN to support an annual WG meeting or other WG activities approved by the WG board.  It must be claimed during the year in question.  A financial report from the previous year must be received by ESPN council as a condition of receiving the grant. 
  6. An annual report should be submitted to the ESPN president each January for presentation at ESPN Council.  A template form can be downloaded here. This should include the following:
    • Update on on-going and planned projects
    • List of WG publications over the last year
    • Details of any WG meetings in the last year
    • WG financial report 
    • Any changes to chair or board
  7. Additional support for the development of guidelines is available.  EUR 2.000 may be claimed each year for a maximum of two guidelines per year.  The guideline development must follow a validate method.  Instructions for preparing a guideline are available. 
  8. Each WG update presented at the Council and approved will be published on the WG webpage for the benefit of all ESPN members.
  9. WG publications should clearly state involvement of the ESPN working group, ideally in the title, and should also acknowledge ESPN financial support. 

Please click here for the Working Group / New Member’s Form and send it to