• Kidney Education

    The website and ebook Kidney Education provide comprehensive information on kidney disease and their prevention. For the benefit of patients and laypersons the information was translated by a team of dedicated nephrologists into many different languages. The Kidney Health Information is available in 40 different languages. Website: www.KidneyEducation.com Brief Highlights of Kidney Education Website www.KidneyEducation.comis an ad-free and mobile-friendly website. It provides

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  • Call for Council Members Election 2021

    Please submit your applications to become a new council member. Five vacancies will be open in September 2021. Your application should be accompanied by your CV, your motivation letter and support letters from two members of our society. Please remember that ESPN is aiming for geographical spread of the council members and applicants from countries

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  • IPNA-ESPN Master for Junior Classes 2021: 11-12 September 2021

    3rd Cycle 2nd IPNA-ESPN Master for Junior Classes was held on 11-12 September with over 200 students from 53 countries as online. The presentations have been published on Junior Class webpage for the ESPN Members. Please see here: Junior Class Presentations