The Young Pediatric Nephrologists’ Network (YPNN) aims to involve young pediatric nephrologists in all the activities of the ESPN and to improve collaboration and networking among the future generation of paediatric nephrologists in Europe.

# YPNN national representatives:

The YPNN needs to renew its national representatives. Should you wish to become the new ESPN YPNN representative of your country, then please email

# YPNN activities :

  • A specific YPNN session during the ESPN meetings
  • A join ESPN YPNN/ERA-EDTA YPN session at ESPN and/or ERA-EDTA meetings
  • A social event during ESPN meeting dedicated to the YPNN
  • Twitter account : @ypnn-espn 


Congenital anomalies of the kidney & urinary tract are congenital disorders known as CAKUT. Read this Pro/Con Debate that advocates for continued use of the umbrella term CAKUT for these related congenital kidney & urinary tract abnormalities. #openaccess

You can find archived recordings of our webinars by following the link below:

@Alanepe1 @EspnYpnn @ASianPNA @ASPNeph @MedEdMahan

❗️We are looking for YOU🫵! You want to become a part of our ERKNet office team🩺🧑‍💻 – please have a look at our Job Vacancies as #DataScientist #ProjectManager
Visit: 📲 NEWS❗️

Read everything about Lesley Rees’s Memorial, organised on the 20th of July in an HYBRID way in this Twitter thread! Thanks @GOSHCharity, @RukshanaShroff @ucl and @ESPNSociety!

@louise_oni talking about hypogammaglobulinaemia post Rituximab @ESPNSociety – need to correlate low IgG with the clinical effect of this (do they have serious/recurrent infections) and balance risk of underlying disease with the benefit Rituximab may give #ESPN2022

Pub quiz participants from all over Europe! Thanks for coming and for participating with so much passion on this trivial Pub Quiz made by @EspnYpnn! Thanks to @Crisblazquez2 @esnauwae @patriciacostareis @GeorgeClaudiu92 for helping in the organisation!!!


Some of our Pub Quiz participants! Meeting each before the game started! More photos to follow …it was so much fun!!! Thanks all for participating!!! @louise_oni @DDD_Askenazi @volume2go @BernardorJulie @Zainab_Arslan_ @dr_al3x & many more I might be missing now …#ESPN2022


Identification of genetic causes for sporadic steroid-resistant NS in adults by Alessia Ferroni! Thanks for joining us from so far and for your excellent state-of-art lecture! #ESPN2022 @ESPNSociety

Risk score development for ARPKD – work in progress by @Liebau_MC – Thank you for sharing your fantastic data!! #ESPN2022 @ESPNSociety

Non-debatable fact: the whole world has a mismatch demand versus supply for kidneys! Thanks @priyagoose once again for the inspirational talk! @ESPNSociety members try hard to improve this situation! Thank you all!

ESPN Mentorship program 2021-2023 meet @Ljubljana #ESPN2022 Congress: talks on career progression, time management, grant applications & more… Thanks @Liebau_MC @AysunKBAYAZIT @evgenia_preka for making this happen! Thanks @ESPNSociety for your support!


Don’t miss the last episode of the KDIGO Genetics in CKD Webinar Series, “Case Studies: How to Care for Patients with C3G and ADPKD,” with Dr. Emilie Cornec-Le Gall and Dr. Daniel Gale.

Thursday, June 30 at 11:00 AM EDT/5:00 PM CEST:

Fantastic talk from @priyagoose on Living donation for FSGS! The answer is : yes, of course go for it! The benefits outweigh the risks! @ESPNSociety #ESPN2022

Honor to share the stage @ESPNSociety meeting with Dr. Enrico Vidal on the pros and cons on PD vs HD in neonates. Having options is good!.⁩ ⁦@EspnYpnn⁩ ⁩ ⁦@ASPNeph⁩ ⁦@NeonatalKidney⁩ ⁦@UAB_NRTC⁩ ⁦@ChildrensAL⁩

👉@ERAkidney sponsored course on #nephrogenetics 🧬 at the 17th @BantaoCongress in November in Antalya. Do not miss it! 📝🗓@EspnYpnn @ESPNSociety @TurkNefro

Thank you @priyagoose for this great talk. Sorry that you cannot join in person. Looking forward to collaborative international studies on #FSGS recurrence. #ESPN2022 @ASPNeph @SNephroPed

No-one wants this to be true more than a Paed.Nephrologist. but is it really beneficial for STEC+ HUS? #espn2022

Could we have asked better than this welcome #espn2022 ? It’s absolutely brilliant and peace in mind and soul! Thank you @ESPNSociety

After our pre-congress workshops, join us on the State-of-the-art lecture, given by Cristina Martin-Higueras: RNAi as a novel therapeutic approach for paediatric kidney diseases! So exciting!
See you all there and of course meet & greet afterwards in the welcome drinks 😊

Ready for our fantastic workshops tomorrow #espn2022? Histopathology, Nephrourology and Dialysis workshops!
Great speakers like @DDD_Askenazi! And many more to learn from! Thanks @ESPNSociety !
Do join them and tweet your learning points! Sharing is caring 😊

Thank you all for all your hard work to provide such a well-organized and informative IPNA-@ESPNSociety Junior Master Classes! 👏👏 @rezan_t @LevtchenkoL

Already in Ljubljana for your Master Class IPNA/ESPN courses? Visit the historic castle to get a lovely view of the Slovenian Alps and get a wonderful view of Ljubljana! Thanks again @ESPNSociety for the organisation!

Call for Nominations! #IPTA2023 award nominations are now open for Lifetime Achievement, Future Leaders, Distinguished Allied Health and Nursing, and Pioneer. Know an outstanding healthcare pro who deserves recognition? Nominate them today 👉

#espn2022 attenders, are you up for our Pub Quiz? Location has changed, so please book this in your agenda for Thursday night, the 23rd of June at 21-21h30 @ Joe Peñas Cantina y Bar:

IPNA-@ESPNSociety Junior Master Classes start in Ljubljana today!
The IPNA-ESPN Junior Master Classes are especially dedicated to pediatric residents, pediatricians with special interest in #pedneph, fellows in pediatric nephrology and young pediatric nephrologists.

Hello folks! Are you attending the #ESPN2022 Congress at Ljubljana f2f or virtually? See you there !!! @ESPNSociety @IPNA_PedNeph @BAPNnephrology @ASPNeph @ASianPNA @Alanepe1 @AfricanAFRAN

Ready for some social highlights about #ESPN2022 Annual Congress in Ljubljana?? Stay tuned and follow this tweet trend!! @ESPNSociety @IPNA_PedNeph @BAPNnephrology @ASianPNA @ASPNeph @Alanepe1 @chcsaorg @IptaPedsTx

Highlight n.7
E-poster presentations with young colleagues from the @EspnYpnn presenting and moderating the discussion – Thanks to all our valuable members for participating!!

Just few days before our #ESPN2022 Congress! Excited to learn more? Let’s give you some highlights!!
#1 State of the art lecture on RNA interference as a novel treatment strategy for paediatric kidney diseases by Cristina Martin Higueras !! @ESPNSociety

📢NEXT TUESDAY: ERKNet/@ESPNSociety -Webinar on Genetics & CAKUT 🩺🎓
👩‍⚕️Nine Knoers from Groning will give a presentation on June 14 from 4 to 5 pm (CET).
✅Register now:

Join us tomorrow for the IPNA Webinar on Cognition in Children with CKD with @HarshmanLyndsay & @LevtchenkoL

Register now:

@Alanepe1 @ASPNeph @ASianPNA @AfricanAFRAN @EspnYpnn @ESPNSociety #pedneph

FINAL CALL- BOOK YOUR FREE VIRTUAL PLACE. FAB SPEAKERS GUARANTEE WILL CHANGE PRACTICE @kidneydoc101 @neilturn @BAPNnephrology @peeer #KIDNEY & other stuff #transition #obesity #Lupus #rheumatology #moupt #CYP #SDM PLS SHARE @UKKidney

The inaugural IPNA Junior Empowerment and Mentorship (IPNA JEMs) Program is launching this year! The deadline for expressions of interest close on June 12, 2022.


@ASPNeph @ASianPNA @AfricanAFRAN @EspnYpnn @Alanepe1

Educational course in Paed Urology by the ESPU:

Join the IPNA Webinar on Cognition in Children with CKD next Thursday!

Register here:

@ASianPNA @ASPNeph @Alanepe1 #pedneph

Welcome to our #ESPN2022 Congress this year @Ljubljana this June! Thanks to @ESPNSociety for organising this interesting hybrid Congress in a lovely place as Ljubljana this year! Lots or come so do follow us! Join us, share your knowledge and inspire future generations!


ESPN President invites you the ESPN 2022 Congress in Ljubljana!
@EspnYpnn @EraRegistry @ipna2022 @ASianPNA

Talking about social events & networking #ESPN_2022_Ljubljana what about joining us for a Fun Run? Put your sneakers on and join us on the 23rd of June at 8 p.m.! Read the whole trend for more details! Thanks @ESPNSociety & @EspnYpnn members for organising & joining us!

Now that we are approaching our Annual #ESPN_2022_Ljubljana Congress, let’s give some info about some of the exciting events that are coming on! OPENING CEREMONY…Thanks @ESPNSociety

Thanks @ESPNSociety – early bird registration is extended until the 9
8th of May!!! For the ones coming for a f2f meeting, do join us in the Fun Run and for the Pub Quiz! Lot of fun and networking is going to take place there!

To my colleagues paediatric nephrologists in Europe-please help complete this important survey on clinical practice on detection/treatment of TCMR.Last European data we have is from 25 yrs ago.Thank you! @ESPNSociety @EspnYpnn @BAPNnephrology

Register for the “Ask the Expert” session on Wednesday, May 11 from 5 to 6:30 pm.
ERKNet experts answer patient questions about glomerulopathies, tubulopathies, aHUS, CAKUT and ADPKD. Please share!
✅Click here:

Don´t miss early bird registration for @ipna2022 in Calgary! 🇨🇦 IPNA Members benefit from a discounted rate. Renew your membership in a few easy steps:

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BOOK YOUR *** FREE PLACE***on 6th Annual ‘Renal Conditions: Moving on Up Together’ study day 10.6.22 HYBRID (VIRTUAL/F2F) FAB SPEAKERS WILL CHANGE PRACTICE. Talks recorded 4 all who register here
RT @BAPNnephrology @UKKidney @kidneycareuk @Kidney_Research

“We need to teach trainees all #dialysis options regardless if it’s a #HighResource or #LowResource setting. You never know when they need to use them in humanitarian situations like a #PandemicsCOVID19” Dr @MignonMcCulloch
#PedNeph #CriticalCare course, round table @Alanepe1 ❤️

Did you know the first year of membership is free for nephrology trainees? And now, in addition, ISN Membership only costs $15/year the 4 years following, while a member is in training. Join/Renew now and reap the many benefits of ISN Membership in your early career! #ISNYoung

Pls share Book yr place. Gr8 speakers Will change practice Video of talks avail after @kidneydoc101 @neilturn @BAPNnephrology @UKKidney @BRSYoungAdults @queenofdialysis @HollyMLoughton @_ajhamilton @kidneycareuk @Kidney_Research @EspnYpnn @ESPNSociety

Rowena Lalji@Renal_Row

Don’t forget to book your place at the study day for transition of paediatric renal patients by the fab Ready Steady Go team (shout out to @arvnagra) – F2F and in person!

Woohoo!! Early registration extended for our annual meeting!! Join us from everywhere lovely people 😊 @IPNA_PedNeph @BAPNnephrology @IptaPedsTx @ASPNeph @EuRefNetwork @nech @HopRobertDebre @Alanepe1 @AfricanAFRAN @ERAkidney @ASianPNA @SCNefrologia @ISNkidneycare

Join us for another conjoint talk between a Paed Nephrologist and a Paed Rheumatologist regarding Vasculitides in children! Free to participate – register with the link here below! @IPNA_PedNeph @BAPNnephrology @IptaPedsTx @ASianPNA @ASPNeph @Alanepe1 @SCNefrologia @ERAkidney


PRES EMERGE and ESPN Young Paedtric Nephrologists’ Network webinar is here. Follow the link to register:

Ukraine Task force update: – thank you all for supporting us in this initiative! @ESPNSociety

‘Virtual Point of Care Ultrasound in Pediatric Nephrology Curriculum’ on 4-5 June. Website Registrations #pcrrtadvances @rupeshrainamd @sumersethi @IPNA_PedNeph @ASianPNA @PICJournalWatch #PedsICU #POCUS @NephroP @ISNkidneycare


Another PRES EMERGE and ESPN Young Paedtric Nephrologists’ Network webinar is here. Follow the link to register:

Next IPNA-@ESPNSociety Junior Master Classes: 20-21 June 2022.
Deadline for applications – 10 April 2022

Learn more & apply:

@Alanepe1 @ASianPNA #pedneph

Don’t forget our ADPKD e-seminar this Friday! Many clinical challenges will be discussed and a patient will give their own perspective in all these! Thanks again all for participating! @ESPNSociety @PKDgroup_Leuven @ynptweets

📢Dear rare kidney disease patient,
if you have one burning question regarding your/your child’s disease, for instance regarding the diagnosis, treatment, quality of life and long-term prognosis, we encourage you to submit your question here: 📲

@BAPNnephrology @UKKidney @EspnYpnn @ESPNSociety @ipnajc @YincentTse @kay_tyerman @neilturn @kidneydoc101 @PeeerYouth @BevMatthewsRN @queenofdialysis @kidneycareuk

🎓Don’t miss our educational ERKNet webinar tomorrow!
Kálmán Tory from Budapest will give an overview about Mendelian & non-mendelian inheritance.
🗓️When? Tuesday, March 22 at 4 pm (CET).
✅Register here:

ESPN Mentorship Program today and teaching on scientific writing! Happy faces all around Europe! Thanks @ESPNSociety for your support 🙂

Join us in this new initiative with @ynptweets in ADPKD from childhood to adulthood, including a patient’s perspective! Link to register: thanks @ESPNSociety & @ERAkidney for supporting us! Do join us 😊

Bridge the gap in knowledge in CKD: YPNN for World Kidney Day – Enjoy watching our video: 12 counties & more than 64 participants! A message of hope & unity! Thanks to all participants and thanks @ESPNSociety for all the support! ESPN has recently created a new Task Force for the ones in need – check this out! Thanks @ESPNSociety
Spread the world @IPNA_PedNeph @EuRefNetwork @BAPNnephrology @ASPNeph @ASianPNA @Alanepe1 @CanPaedSociety @ERAkidney @Aconepeoficial @NephMadness

📢Invitation to the International Cystinosis Conference & Call for Abstracts until 1 April 2022📄 #Cystinosis #RareDisease
📲for more information visit: or

It’s @WorldBookDayUK tomorrow and @worldkidneyday on Friday. If your child has a copy of our kidney books, they could go to school as Lucy or Jack and help other children learn more about #KidneyDisease & #organdonation #WorldBookDay Tip: the costume is easy, own clothes 🤣

In solidarity with the Ukrainian people, our ERKNet centres in cross-border countries (Poland,Romania,Hungary, Lithuania) are ready to offer medical services for those who need specific treatment, dialysis and post-transplant care.

Third cycle 3rd IPNA-ESPN junior master classes, Ljubljana (Slovenia) – hybrid 20-21/06! Deadline application- 10/04/2022! Great educational offer! Don’t miss that! Subscribe by emailing Prof.Topaloglu or Dr.Ana Texeira thanks @rezan_t @AnaTeix89964678 @ESPNSociety @IPNA_PedNeph

Abstract submission has been extended for 2 weeks! 😃
Submit now for IPNA 2022 fully virtual Congress! @IPNA_PedNeph @IptaPedsTx @EspnYpnn @amet @BAPNnephrology @ASianPNA @Alanepe1


Have you checked out the #IPTA2022 state-of-the-art speakers list? Speakers include Valeria Mas, Marva Moxey-Mims, Emily Blumberg, Alexandre Loupy, Chandra Guha, and David Hackam. Don’t miss this virtual congress! 👉

#IptaPedsTX #TransplantTwitter

German Society for Paediatric Nephrology contact details in case of need for children with kidney disease and transplantation. Please share @IPNA_PedNeph @ERAkidney @EuRefNetwork



The Polish Society of Paediatric Nephrology offers treatment to Ukrainian children with kidney diseases who are escaping the war in Ukraine, including those who require dialysis or have a kidney transplant. The contact to polish paediatric nephrology centres can be found on:

Dear Friends/Colleagues from Ukraine, ESPN condemns any kind of violence and we stand by your side,hopping that all this will stop immediately. Do contact us with ideas of how we can further help.Please share our message @IPNA_PedNeph @ASPNeph @ASianPNA @Alanepe1 @BAPNnephrology

Deadline for the IPNA Congress abstract submissions is getting closer! The IPNA Congress will take place in Calgary, Canada from September 7- 11 – for the first time as a 𝐡𝐲𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐝 event, both onsite and online.

🇨🇦 🇨🇦

@Alanepe1 @ASPNeph @ASianPNA

We would like to invite you to attend the joint IPTA-IPNA Session at the @IptaPedsTx Congress.

The Session on Equity, access and outcomes of pediatric kidney transplant recipients in 2022 is scheduled for Sunday, March 27 from 10:30-11:40 EST.
Learn more:

Want to stay up to date on transplantation? Want to test your knowledge? Check out IPTA’s Question Bank! It’s a fun way to test your knowledge! Find it 👉 #IptaPedsTX #IPTA2022 #TransplantTwitter

1 week left to register for 7th Paed Kidney Tx Symposium.Honoured to have fabulous @priyagoose and one and only @drjosflynn present on infections and hypertension post tx.Full programme @transplant4kids @IptaPedsTx @ESPNSociety @KessarisN @ESOTtransplant

Proud to announce our Third IPNA-ESPN Junior Master Classes (Third Cycle)!

This year, hybrid format @Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 20-21 June 2022, before the 54th Annual Scientific Meeting of the ESPN.
Deadline for applications – 10/04/2022
More info:

⏰ This Wednesday! 2022 @ASPNeph/IPNA Global Health Online Symposium. We hope that you can join us at this exciting event.

Register now:

@Alanepe1 @DocMeetingsPEDI @HVOUSA @ASianPNA @AfricanAFRAN @EspnYpnn

Applications for ESPN research awards for 2022 are now open! Check our website! Deadline is 31/05/2022! Thanks @ESPNSociety

Applications for our ESPN Training grants are still open! Get more info and share the world! Information with regards to the application process can be found at the ESPN website. @ESPNSociety

Applications for the 2022 ESPN research grants are now open !!
Thanks @ESPNSociety
Please share the world @IPNA_PedNeph @BAPNnephrology @ASianPNA @ASPNeph @Alanepe1

Dear #NephTwitter #PedNeph community,

The new year brings new collaboration🤝
Partnering with @NephJC, a joint journal club is in the works…

🗓️Jan 25 & 26, 2022

Participating in Twitter JC-

IPNA Journal Club 📚@ipnajc

How to #IPNAJC

2 min tutorial on how to participate in twitter based Journal Club via tweet deck…
Join the fun…🤓

@IPNA_PedNeph @drM_sudha

Thank you to all who already registered for the Symposium.Please note that,due to the ongoing pandemic disruption,we had to reschedule this for 24th and 25th February 2022 1-5pm GMT.Register at @BAPNnephrology @IptaPedsTx @KessarisN @EspnYpnn @dr_JelaS

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Twitter webmaster : Evgenia Preka


  • ESPN-YPNN & ERA YNP Joint E-Seminar
     Topic: Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) from childhood to adulthood, including a patient’s perspective
     Date: Friday March 25, 2022
  • 2nd Conjoint webinar between Paediatric Nephrology & Paediatric Rheumatology

     Topic: Vasculitides (from the Paediatric Rheumatology and the Paediatric Nephrology perspective)

      Date Friday April 8, 2022

     Click here for watching the webinar

  • Conjoint webinar between Paediatric Nephrology & Paediatric Rheumatology
    15th October 20214pm CET
    Program will be announced later.
  • 17 December 2021
    ESPN-YPNN and National Young Representatives Meeting
    Click here for the minutes

# ESPN benefits for all ESPN members :

# ESPN benefits for young paediatric nephrologists :

Wishing you all the best

Evgenia Preka, YPNN Chair

Fabio Paglialonga, Co-Chair of YPNN