The Young Pediatric Nephrologists’ Network (YPNN) aims to involve young pediatric nephrologists in all the activities of the ESPN and to improve collaboration and networking among the future generation of paediatric nephrologists in Europe.

# YPNN national representatives:

The YPNN needs to renew its national representatives. Should you wish to become the new ESPN YPNN representative of your country, then please email

# YPNN activities :

  • A specific YPNN session during the ESPN meetings
  • A join ESPN YPNN/ERA-EDTA YPN session at ESPN and/or ERA-EDTA meetings
  • A social event during ESPN meeting dedicated to the YPNN
  • Twitter account : @ypnn-espn 

Save the date! Join us Dec. 4 for a webinar discussing "To set up a pediatric kidney transplant protocol minimising steroids and CNI". This special ... webinar will be in presented in English and simultaneously translated in Spanish. Join us 👉


Announcing the next IPNA-PCRRT-ICONIC Virtual Workshop- ‘Procedures in Pediatric Nephrology & Transplant’ #pcrrtadvances ! @IPNA_PedNeph ... @ISNkidneycare @IptaPedsTx @rupeshrainamd @MignonMcCulloch @ASianPNA @pedsnephrology @NephroP @nephrothaniel

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Twitter webmasters : Evgenia Preka, Gul Dinc

  • Conjoint webinar between Paediatric Nephrology & Paediatric Rheumatology
    15th October 20214pm CET
    Program will be announced later.

# ESPN benefits for all ESPN members :

# ESPN benefits for young paediatric nephrologists :

  • ESPN-IPNA Junior Classes, organised every year since 2014, with the possibility to obtain a ‘Master’ in Pediatric Nephrology if you attend all classes during 3 years. An ideal way to learn basics in pediatric nephrology in a friendly atmosphere with world-famous speakers!
  • 10 ERA-EDTA annual memberships that are offered yearly to young ESPN members
  • Travel grants and presentation grants for ESPN conferences
  • Access to Training grants
  • Access to Mentorship program
  • For any further enquiries no not hesitate to contact our Young Paediatric Nephrology Network Coordinator, Dr. Evgenia Preka (email:

Wishing you all the best

Evgenia Preka, YPNN Chair