CKD mineral and bone disorder

D. Haffner

Board Members
S. Bakkaloglu
R. Shroff
J. Bacchetta

Liaison ESPN Registry: M.Bonthuis
Liaison Council: D. Haffner
Liaison ERA-EDTA: J. Bacchetta
Liaison ESCAPE network/4C-Study: Franz Schaefer 



CME activity :

During in ESPN Porto 2014, CKD-MBD Master class

Proposed projects/activities :

1.   Educational material for the ESPN website.

2.   To develop European guidelines for the ³Assessment and treatment of CKD-MBD in children². In collaboration with EPDWG, that wrote the first European guidelines for children on dialysis some years ago.

- Guidelines for all CKD stages (before and after transplantation).

- Guidelines on ³dietetic management in children with CKD²


Planned observational studies :

1.    Impact of substitution of vitamin D in case of low vitamin D levels on markers of CKD-MBD, the immune system and iron homeostasis “click here to see the study protocol”

2.   New non-invasive diagnostic tools in CKD-MBD (biomarkers and imaging)

3.    New strategies in hyperphosphatemia management (dietary and P binder aspects)


Registry activities :

PPediatric   European registry of CKD-MBD in pediatric CKD patients covering the   full range of CKD (stage 2-5d). This will be done in close collaboration   with pre-existing registries and observational studies, e.g. ESPN-ERA-EDTA-registry and the 4C-study.

CME CKD-MBD presented at the ESPN meeting in Porto 2014

You can reach CME credit ESPN WG presentations from ESPN members area!

Guidelines for diagnosis and management of CKD-MBD in children

KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for Bone Metabolism and Disease in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease 

KDIGO Guideline for Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD)

European Pediatric Dialysis Working Group (EPDWG)

Guideline: Prevention and treatment of renal osteodystrophy in children on chronic renal failure: European guidelines; Pediatr Nephrol.

2006 Feb;21(2):151-9. Epub 2005 Oct 25

NICE guideline from the National Institute for Health and Care: Hyperphosphataemia in chronic kidney disease: Management of hyperphosphataemia in patients with stage 4 or 5 chronic kidney disease

CKD and MBD Working Group report September,2014

CKD and MBD Education Officer May, 2015

CKD and MBD Working Group report , August  2015

Minutes Brussels meeting of the CKD-MBD WG

CKD and MBD Working Group report, January  2017

CKD and MBD Working Group report, September  2017

Minutes Glasgow meeting of the CKD-MBD WG

The vitamin D guidelines

Clinical Practice Recommendations for NATIVE vitamin D

Clinical Practice Recommendations for native vitamin D treatment - Supplemental Tables

Clinical Practice Recommendations for native vitamin D treatment - Tables

Clinical Practice Recommendations for ACTIVE vitamin D

Clinical Practice Recommendations for treatment with active vitamin D analogues - Tables

Clinical Practice Recommendations for ACTIVE D - Supplemental Tables

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